Sustainable transformation

for a future-proof

Sustainability Consultancy

True sustainability equally concerns the business model, the ability to express oneself and attract attention and the involvement of all resources. i.e.s.® guides your company in all the steps of sustainable transformation.

Business Strategy

We help you access the funds for sustainable transformation, restructure processes and organizational chart, obtain certified data and identify the most important initiatives to make your Company increasingly irreplaceable in the value chain.
Funding & Finance

Soft finance solutions

Equity funding

Impact investors relations

Struttura e processi​

Assessment and positioning

Execution management


Supply Chain

Suppliers management



Marketing and Communication

Integrated projects to enhance your choices, internal communication projects to engage / involve your employees, traditional and digital PR, collaborations with Influencers and Key Opinion Leader, drafting documents and Sustainability Reports with certified data.

Strategia di comunicazione

Assessment & Benchmarking

Consumer Insights

Purpose Branding

Progetti integrati

Full Funnel Marketing

PR & Digital PR

Internal Communication

Sustainability Reporting

Data collection and certification

Paper Sustainability Reports

Mini-sites and social content


SDGs? ESG criteria? What is the difference between sustainability and strong sustainability? Align your employees with courses, workshop and coaching in Top and Middle Sustainability Management, Responsible Leadership, Purpose-Driven Strategy and Behavioural Marketing.


Onboarding Digital Transformation

Sustainability Management: SDGs and ESG criteria

B2B Mkt & Communication: Trend e Best Practices


Sustainability Hacking

From SmartWorking to WellWorking

Target e Personas


Responsible Leadership

Sustainability as a lifestyle

Individual personalized courses

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