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Italian Enablers
of Sustainability

The value of sustainable transformation

CittàGiardinoInsieme® - Impact Investing

Sustainability has been synonymous with greenwashing for too long. Today companies must act concretely and quickly to align themselves with / to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set by UN 2030 Agenda. The "Plug & Grow" CittàGiardinoInsieme® format is the way. agire concretamente e velocemente per allinearsi agli Obiettivi di Sviluppo Sostenibile dell’Agenda 2030. Il format “Plug&Grow” CittàGiardinoInsieme® è il modo.

For a future-proof Italy

ies® - Italian Enablers of Sustainability is the first Italian strategic and operational consulting platform that allows Companies, Public Administration, Social Enterprises and people to immediately enjoy the advantages of choices consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by UN 2030 Agenda and the ESG financial criteria.


i.e.s.® is a registered trademark of the Italian Chamber of Commerce.


CittàGiardinoInsieme regenerates our cities, starting from the squares, with tailor-made projects that respect local identities. It enhances the green, which is so important for the quality of life.

It offers opportunities for inclusion for vulnerable people, networking among Companies, Public Administration, Social Enterprises and citizens.

Sustainability Consultancy

Do you want to manage a really future-proof Company? i.e.s.® is the only Italian reality able to guide you in all stages of sustainable transformation.

Business Strategy

We help you access the funds for sustainable transformation, restructure processes and organizational chart, obtain certified data and identify the most important initiatives to make your Company increasingly irreplaceable in the value chain.

Marketing and Communication

Integrated projects to enhance your choices, internal communication projects to engage / involve your employees, traditional and digital PR, collaborations with Influencers and Key Opinion Leader, drafting documents and Sustainability Reports with certified data.


SDGs? ESG criteria? What is the difference between sustainability and strong sustainability? Align your employees with courses, workshop and coaching in Top and Middle Sustainability Management, Responsible Leadership, Purpose-Driven Strategy and Behavioural Marketing.

i.e.s.® Formula

i.e.s® systemizes the vertical skills of high-profile ventures in all areas of sustainability consultancy, to develop projects and offer truly integrated and full-funnel services.