Città Giardino Insieme®

“Plug & Grow” Format

CittàGiardinoInsieme® regenerates Italian cities, starting from the squares, enhancing the green and opening important paths of social inclusion. For companies, it means immediately activating multiple Sustainable Development Goals in a demonstrable, communicable and certified way. Find out the methods of participation and sponsorship and choose the one that best suits your needs.


CittàGiardinoInsieme is a registered trademark of the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

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Positive Impact

For companies, it is a new growth model. For the Public Administration, it is a new integration of administration and innovation. For all citizens, it is a renewed leadership.
For Companies

  Access to financing funds thanks to a project that can be activated immediately

Visibility and reputation thanks to newsworthy, communicable, certified activity

Employer branding thanks to the engagement of employees in virtuous processes

For P.A.

Strengthening the role in the community by accelerating the path towards the ideal City

Enhancement of local Companies also in the Green and Social sectors

Certified documentation of the positive impact on citizens' lives

For Everyone

Opportunity to participate in the life and growth of the community

Personal branding thanks to a responsible and rewarding choice

Personal branding grazie ad una scelta responsabile e gratificante

was born big

Today CittàGiardinoInsieme®® aims to regenerate squares throughout Italy, but it has already deeply influenced Milan, with 11 redevelopment projects.


more than 20,000 square meters of regenerated urban green

more than 300 tall trees

more than 20,000 shrubs and seedlings of 40 different species


more than 4,000 hours worked

CittàGiardinoInsieme® - Impact Investing

Sustainability has been synonymous with greenwashing for too long. Today companies must act concretely and quickly to align themselves with / to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set by UN 2030 Agenda. The "Plug & Grow" CittàGiardinoInsieme® format is the way. agire concretamente e velocemente per allinearsi agli Obiettivi di Sviluppo Sostenibile dell’Agenda 2030. Il format “Plug&Grow” CittàGiardinoInsieme®  è il modo.

Thanks for the support

The Italian Buddhist Union, consistent with its mission, supports projects that foster respect for the environment and promote human rights. It has chosen to support i.e.s and its values to give life to a new development model oriented towards sustainable transformation.